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Crucial Tips to Clean Your Kitchen

Apart from the mess created by cooking, there will be dirty dishes to clean and other spills all over. Almost every family member uses the kitchen most in the house.

Even if cleaning occurs in the kitchen during morning hours, by the end of the day, there will be something splattered here and there that makes it messy. Everyone at home knows not to upset the person cooking in the cooking room, as it will affect the taste of the food. Many cleaning hacks help in removing the mess and also help in sanitizing the room.

Here are some crucial tips to keep the cooking room clean.

Never Crowd the Counter

Many keep appliances, jars, utensils, and other things on the counter where everyone can see them. The main reason being it is easily accessible as it is displayed in plain sight.

Keeping these things in the cupboards is always ideal rather than on the counters. When in need of any, take them one by one, and after use, store them back in the closet.

But many feel lazy and are convinced they cannot put everything inside the cupboard. But almost 80% of the things on the counter could easily be shifted inside the cabinet. They will look clean and perfect for work, with a few junk things on the counters. One of the main advantages is to wipe the countertops whenever necessary, as there will be nothing on the counter.

Better throw out those things which are not of use. It just occupies space. One could donate or even sell items that are not used.

Start the Day by Cleaning

Start the day by cleaning. Start cooking only after cleaning; otherwise, once cooking is started and the kitchen is in a mess, it will make one depressed.

Clean When Waiting

When one gets free time between cooking in the kitchen, one should start cleaning. When a dish on the stove needs time to get cooked, use this time to clean, load, or unload the dishwasher instead of just standing there. Keep unused utensils inside the cupboards, and wipe counters. Much time could be squeezed out in between cooking. Make use of this time for cleaning.

Clean Kitchen Floor

Sweep and mop the floor as dirt starts appearing, do not wait. Mopping the floor with the floor-cleaning liquid mixed in hot water will keep it shining clean. Make sure to clean the corners of the room.

Self-Polish the Woodwork

Polish woodwork in the kitchen with lemon oil and vinegar. Cabinets and pantry doors could easily be cleaned by spraying a lemon oil and vinegar solution. It is the most natural and healthy way to keep those wooden works sparkling clean without using chemicals.

Clean the Sink

Let the water out of the sink, empty the strainer, and drain the sink cover of any leftover food particles. Sprinkle cleaning liquid on the sink and scrub it. After that, rinse well. The sink will be left sparkling clean.

Before washing the dishes, dump the food scraps into the trash. Then wash the dishes and then clean the sink.

Take Out the Trash

Make sure to take out the trash. This will be the final step in cleaning. Keeping a clean and empty bag in the trash can should be the finishing touch, and this makes the kitchen ready for the next day.


Instead of scattering and laying things all over, have a place for everything. It is better to have similar items in one spot, like keeping the fruits on a plate and other utensils on another side or inside cupboards. An accessible counter with nothing on it makes the kitchen naturally clean.

Also, have a set day and time for doing things in the kitchen. Doing certain chores on the appointed day will make it easier to remember them, like cleaning the kitchen stove. Cleaning the cooking stove on the set day will make it likely to be done effectively.

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