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Delicious Dishes That Are Elevated with the Perfect Achaar Pairing

If you’re a foodie looking for a way to add a tangy twist to your meals, look no further than Indian pickles. Known as “achar” in India, these tangy condiments have been a staple in Indian households for over 4,000 years, and for a good reason. With their bold, mouthwatering flavours and all-natural preservation, a dab of pickle can take any dish from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you want to add some kick to your sandwich, some zest to your rice, or some tang to your curry, Indian pickles have got you covered.

Let’s look at some of the many dishes that go perfectly with Indian pickles.

6 Delicious Dishes That Are Elevated with the Perfect Achaar Pairing

1. Paratha with Pickles – This timeless duo has weathered the test of time, reminiscent of the lovingly packed tiffins of our parents, the scrumptious snack our siblings relished, and now an enduring favourite for office luncheons. Originally a hallmark of North Indian cuisine, the paratha-pickle combination has gracefully ventured into southern households, thanks to the amalgamation of diverse cultures in bustling cities.

2. Curd Rice – The essence of simplicity and rustic charm, curd rice emerges as a true winner in the realm of flavours. During childhood, many of us revelled in the joy of indulging in steaming hot rice mixed with creamy, cool curd, accompanied by delightful pickles. Whether you prefer the familiar embrace of tried and tested Mango Pickle also known as Aam ka achar or seek a tantalising twist with garlic, the combination of curd rice and achaar carries an air of nostalgia. It offers a reliable culinary companion for lazy days or when your tummy craves a gentle respite.

3. Khichdi – The quintessential comfort food, khichdi, receives a burst of flavour with the addition of pickles. What was once a simple amalgamation of boiled dal, rice, and veggies has now evolved into the divine “Achaari khichdi.” This magical recipe defies criticism, tantalising the senses with its spicy and tangy notes while boasting a nutritional profile that tickles the health-conscious. For the perfect Achaari khichdi experience, reach for a medley of mixed pickles to elevate your taste buds.

4. Thalis – Whether it’s the resplendent Rajasthani thali, the flavoursome Gujarati thali, or the humble yet lavish sadhya, pickles have seamlessly found their place on the Indian palate, lending their zestful essence to every regional cuisine. From spicier variations up north to the sweetness of aam chutney that pleases the Gujarati taste buds, or the tangy lime pickle that adds a delightful kick to southern delicacies, pickles in thalis offer a palate-refreshing experience after every sumptuous bite of the elaborate spread.

5. Idli – Prepare to be surprised and enchanted by the harmonious love story between Idli and Pickles. Each bite of this unlikely combination reveals a delightful union between the soft, delicate idlis and the tangy, sweet embrace of pickles. As you savour this revelation, you’ll wonder why this culinary pairing remained a secret for so long and why it’s now an essential part of your gastronomic repertoire.

6. Dhokla – A close cousin to its predecessor, dhokla welcomes a twist by replacing the sweet tamarind chutney with a sweet pickle, resulting in a bolder and more invigorating flavour experience. This alternative infuses each bite with an explosion of flavours while saving you valuable time on those lazy days when crafting the chutney from scratch feels too arduous. Embrace the power of pickles and embark on a culinary journey that’s both convenient and delectable.


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