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Breakfast mixes to add to your grocery list

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day which will help in kickstarting your day to be healthy and stress-free. It is important that you should not skip your breakfast for any kind of reason. Taking a protein-rich breakfast will help you throughout the day to be active, and smart, and at the same time keeps you super healthy too. It is true that we dont have much time in our fast-moving personal and professional life. In that case, it is important for us to wake up a few more minutes earlier, so that we sit and eat our breakfast peacefully and mindfully.

If you are in your home, then your mom or wife will make you some yummy dishes for keeping you filled and at the same time healthy too. Make sure you help them in one way or another, so that they will be feeling good too. In another case, if you are in a hostel or room out of your home, some extra effort has to be taken to keep you fit and healthy. In that case, here are a few breakfast mixes that will save a few extra minutes of your sleep or getting ready.

1. Dosa Mix:

Is there anyone who does not prefer dosa? No, Right. We all remember the hot crispy dosa that our mom bring directly from the stone, with some yummy chutney or sambar. Never worry, you can get instant dosa mix, which will give you super tasty dosa, just as you get at home. In case, you are too much in a hurry, make sure to have some extra side dish from the previous day, to just make it wholesome.

You can get different varieties of dosa based on your preference. Some of them include plain rice batter dosa, adai which has lots of pulses and dals in it, morning dosa which is soo much nutritious, different varities of millet or ragi dosa, and the list goes on.

2. Upma Mix:

Even though many of us dont like upma, having them with a lot of colourful veggies makes it yummy and healthy too. Get your hands on the instant upma mix, which will be done in a time gap of 5 – 10 minutes to the maximum.

Here in upma too, you will be getting varieties like rice upma, Rava upma, etc. Always make sure to include varieties so that you dont get bored with one specific flavour.

3. Pongal:

As South Indians, we know how yummy and tasty the Pongal will be with cashews and ghee. Especially the Pongal given in temples is just mouth watery. The same homemade taste can be got in I say Organic Pongal mix. One of the must-try, which can be done in a few minutes. Upma and Pongal are of super yummy and fast-prepared dishes that will be made and at the same time, no compromise in taste too.

4. Idly:

One of the super healthy and best breakfasts that are loved by almost everyone all around the world. You can make them super fast, and the breakfast would be ready in a time gap of a maximum of 10 minutes. The Idly mix is something that is so handy and will make your breakfast super healthy and yummy at the same time.

5. Kurma Mix:

For Idly, Dosa, Pongal, Upma, and even more, Kurma is one of the super combos which will be best when combined. Get your hands on this kurma mix, and you can pair it with almost all of the breakfast recipes. You can even mix it with rice for making your meals super filled with veggies.

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